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Some Common 8 PC Problems How To Fix Them Easily By Yourself
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Posted on: 10:56 Wed, 15 Apr 2015
There are hundreds of faults a computer could have, such as hardware failures, error messages like missing files and 404 errors. But these days, many of these problems are hard to see so we end up having minor problems with our computer and these common problems seem to be compulsory for every computer. In this post, we are going to discuss 8 common computer problems and how you can fix them yourself.

8 Common Computer Problems In Nigeria

1. Computer refused to turn ON: This is a very common but frustrating problem to Nigerian pc users. This means that you wouldn’t be able to use your computer due to its refusal to boot, it might power ON but wouldn’t show anything or it powers ON and switches off. To find how to troubleshoot and fix this problem, read How To Fix a Computer That Won’t Turn On.

2. Windows not booting: If your windows isn’t booting, you will have to reinstall it using windows recovery disk.

3. Computer is slow: This is another common computer problem which mainly occurs as a result of many programs running at the same time or due to lack of maintenance. But hopefully, you can fix it yourself. Firstly uninstall the programs which you don’t use, most people fill up their computer with programs they do not need (which is totally unadvisable). Also close unwanted opened programs and clean your computer registry. This will help your computer perform much faster.

4. Overheating of my computer: This is as a result of your computer not getting enough cooling air. if your computer starts heating up suddenly, firstly shut it down, let it cool off and avoid placing it where it won’t get enough air, also check the cooling fan to ensure it is doing its job.

5. My computer can’t get online: There may be several reasons for internet connection problems. It might be due to incorrect connection of the network cable, network mis-configuration or you probably blocked http via firewall. In order to solve this problem yourself, check whether the network sign shows connected, if not, or it shows any warning signal, try rebooting the router. Also check and ensure that the Wi-Fi is ON and that you are not outside the wireless signal range. If you still can’t connect, contact your internet service provider to make sure you are not blocked.

6. Hal.dll error: “Hal.dll missing” error messages have become very common with computers in Nigeria.

Hal.dll error problem is as a result of a damaged hal.dll DLL file or a hal.dll file that have been deleted or moved from its location.

[quote2]But you can fix this problem yourself by following this simple steps.

Step 1. Restart your computer. You’ll be surprised the hall.dll error message will disappear when you restart your PC.

Step 2. Run a startup repair. This should repair corrupted files.

Step 3. The 1st and 2nd step didn’t solve the problem? I recommend you Perform a Clean Install Of Windows.

7. Applications not installing: This typically happens as a result of low hard drive space. If you are experiencing troubles installing an application, first of all, check your computer hard drive (space) and if that’s the cause (am 98% sure it’ll be), you have to create some space by deleting unnecessary software, files, folders etc and try reinstalling the application. If it still doesn’t install, then the problem may be from the application.

8. Sluggish application: If an application suddenly starts running slowly, check your windows updates and hard drive space. If your hard drive space is low (Read No: 7) and if your windows have new updates, go on and update. Recheck the slow application.
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