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Alt + Tab
Switch between open applications.
Alt + Shift + Tab
Switch backwards between open
Alt + double-click
Display the properties of the object
you double-click on.
Ctrl + Tab
With an application that has multiple
sub tabs/document windows, this
switch between tabs
Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Same as above but backwards.
Alt + Print Screen
Create a screen shot (image in
clipboard) only for the active screen/
Print Screen
Create a screen shot (image in
clipboard) for your entire desktop.
Ctrl + Alt + Del
Reboot the computer and/or bring up
the Windows task manager.
Ctrl + Esc
Bring up the Windows Start menu. In
Windows 3.x this brings up the Task
Alt + Esc
Switch Between open applications on
Activates help for current open
Renames selected Icon.
Starts find from desktop.
Opens the drive selection when
browsing or pull the list of drive
Activates menu bar.
Shift + F10
Simulates right-click on selected item.
Alt + F4
Closes Current open program.
Ctrl + F4
Closes Window in Program.
Move cursor to different Windows
Explorer panel.
Ctrl + Space bar
Drops down the window control
Ctrl + (the '+' key on the keypad)
Automatically adjust the widths of all
the columns in Windows explorer
Alt + Enter
Opens properties window of selected
icon or program.
Shift + Del
Permanent Delete - Delete programs/
files without throwing them into the
recycle bin.
Holding Shift at Startup
Boot safe mode or by pass system files
as the computer is booting.
Holding Shift
When putting in an audio CD, will
prevent CD Player from playing.
Activates the highlighted program.
Alt + Down arrow
Display all available options on drop
down menu.
* (on the keypad)
Expands all folders on the currently
selected folder or drive in Windows
+ (on the keypad)
Expands only the currently selected
folder in Windows Explorer.
- (on the keypad)
Collapses the currently selected folder
in Windows Explorer.
Most of keyboards now have a
Windows Key (key with a Windows
icon). This key provides additional
shortcuts on Microsoft Windows.
Below is a listing of the shortcut keys
by combining the Windows key and
another key.
Shortcut Description
WINKEY Pressing the Windows key
alone will open Start.
WINKEY + F1 Opens the Microsoft
Windows help and support center.
WINKEY + F3 Opens the Advanced find
window in Microsoft Outlook.
WINKEY + D Brings the desktop to the
top of all other windows.
WINKEY + M Minimizes all windows.
WINKEY + SHIFT + M Undo the minimize
done by WINKEY + M and WINKEY + D.
WINKEY + E Open Microsoft Explorer.
WINKEY + Tab Cycle through open
programs through the taskbar.
WINKEY + F Display the Windows
Search / Find feature.
WINKEY + CTRL + F Display the search
for computers window.
WINKEY + F1 Display the Microsoft
Windows help.
WINKEY + R Open the run window.
WINKEY + Pause / Break key Open the
system properties window.
WINKEY + U Open Utility Manager.
WINKEY + L Lock the computer
(Windows XP and above only).

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