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9 tips to differentiate between a girlfriend that truly loves you and the one that dosen?t
Views: 912  |  Comments: 1 |  Posted: 03:06 Tue, 24 Dec 2013
Photo Kunlessi (¥ 23581 NU)
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Posted on: 03:06 Tue, 24 Dec 2013
Most relationships today are running on an unbalance scale. Either one of the parties involved is emitting love more than the other.
Here are some tips for the guys to differentiate between a lady that truly loves them or if the lady is just after their money.
Sorry Ladies, because I am obeying the law that says, ?ladies first,? that?s why i need to start like this, in my next post i will be writing on how to know when a guy truly loves you or he is after what is under your skirt.
A girl that doesn?t love you will always find a reason to excuse her mistakes. When it happens that you didnt call her, she will never call back. But a girl that loves you will always have you in her mind.

Guys always loves to be respected. A guy that is just pretending to be in love will not only disrespect you but will go on to insult you, pointing her fingers on you while talking and if care is not taking she can even fight you, some will proceed to burst your skull open with a bottle.

- Expenses
A girl that always requests for unnecessary things often, like shawama, suya, although this is normal for all girls but when a girl starts requesting for such things like a do or die affair almost every time. When she requests for money and finally she gets angry, bolts off on you and stops reciprocating after you tell her that there is no such money in your bank account. Know that your girlfriend is trying to enjoy your pockets while it lasts. A worthy girlfriend will understand and encourage you in such a situation.

-Being around.
A worthy girlfriend will always seek your company, she will always find it hard to turn down your request for a date. She will always come around to atleast cook for you. But a pretending one will look an excuse to be away. When you are around her she will always be in a hurry to leave.

Most guys gets pissed of when the girlfriend nags, but this is a very good sign that she is into you just trying to get the ?i am sorry? from your mouth these makes them feel special.

A worthy girlfriend will never pour acid or gather up boys to beat up a fellow girl that comes around you. When this happens it dosen?t show that she is being territorial as in to protect your love for her. She is actually trying to protect the money inside your pocket, this applies to when she is after tour cash. What if she is that girl that you pestered her life into loving you and she just gives in, then thereafter she starts pretending to be wholesomely in love with you. I bet you she will never give a damn who goes around and comes around you.

-Making friends with your friends
A worthy girlfriend will find comfort around your friends, she will call your friends her friends and your enemies her enemies.

-Secrets and problems
A worthy girlfriend will always tell you about her personal live, her problems, and mostly gist you about other guys that flirts around her. She will not tell you all her secrets but 90% of them will be revealed to you. She will find peace telling you her secret problems knowing fully well that if you really care, you will give her advice and help her out if you can.

A worthy girlfriend will make sacrifices for you even when it means hurting herself.

If you think i missed out on anything use the comment box to insert it. Or you think i said something wrong, please use the comment box to quote me wrong for i am able and capable to argue with you.

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Photo Loveth (¥ 6 NU)
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Posted on: 03:06 Tue, 24 Dec 2013
Dats A true Talk My Guy!!!


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