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How To Make WhatsApp Free For Life
Views: 1650  |  Comments: 2 |  Posted: 02:30 Tue, 22 Apr 2014
Photo cybergreeze (¥ 361 NU)
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Posted on: 02:30 Tue, 22 Apr 2014
Well this is a
simple tutorial for
everyone who
have got almost
expired whatsapp
installed on their
smartphones or
PC. If you donâ??t
need this post
now, I bet
6months plus from
now, youâ??ll be
looking for this
particular post to
read because by
then, your installed
whatsapp must
have expired or
approaching expiry
I canâ??t just
imagine my
grandma paying
$0.99 dollar every
year just to use
whatsapp when
bbm and facebook
are free for use;
thatâ??s not just
I know $0.99 is a
little cash but
some folks
wonâ??t just pay
to use any app on
playstore, or app
Back to business,
Iâ??ll be so brief
with the
proceeding steps.
How Can I Get
Whatsapp For Free
a Lifetime?
Iâ??ll share only
two steps here.
For the first
steps,you need
the following
==>A device
running Android OS
==>Another device
running iOS e.g iPad
or iPhone This is
how it works.
1.If youâ??ve
already installed
whatsapp on your
android device,
delete your
account completely
2. Look for an
iPhone or iPad that
whatsapp has not
been install and
download it afresh
from iTunes
3. Install it,
activate your
mobile number and
verify it
4.Now, use your
activated number
on your android
device or any other
device and Check
your Service time it
is extended to
Lifetime or 10
And Method Two,
Whatsapp on your
==>Go to settings,
click on Account
==>Click on delete
account ==>Enter
your mobile
number in the
given field and
then click on delete
my account Now
that you are no
more on
Whatsapp, Follow
below steps to get
whatsapp back
with extended
==>Now again
open whatsapp
and create a new
account with new
==>Now check
your Whatsapp
expiry date by
navigating to >
Settings > Account
> Payment info.
You should see
extended trial
period of your
whatsapp account.

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Photo Lungmans (¥ 75 NU)
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Posted on: 02:30 Tue, 22 Apr 2014
Good one

Photo okweimat (¥ 30 NU)
Star: Senior sen
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Posted on: 02:30 Tue, 22 Apr 2014
hello lucky gold


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